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What's New with My Site?

I finally started updating.  All I've done so far is add a couple of pictures to the home page.  I'll probably add some more pictures on Photos page in the near future.

Dec 28th was an exciting day. I added some Florida pictures.

Plans are in the works to add even more pictures so you won't have to scan through the generic stuff anymore.

Late January. My company thought I was working too hard, so they asked me to remove all work related images. It makes for a much slimmer site.

March 1st (2005) I added logos on the favorite links page.

March 7th Added a new links page specifically for aircraft homebuilders. You can get to it from the Favorite Links page.

May 30th I haven't really been doing too much with the website, but I did add a few more links on the Homebuilder's page.

BTW... I still don't know who took this picture. It's not one of mine!


Maybe I'll post a new picture sometime soon.