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These are pictures I took in Florida during winter 2003-2004

Due to an unexpected layoff in October 2003, I took a seasonal job with my first flying employer. Environmental Aviation Services specializes in Whale surveys using C-337's and O-2's. This was a fun job and fit my flying style to a tee. The follow photos are some of the more interesting ones I took. Some in the air and some on the ground.

These images are intentially low quality.  I really don't want someone to download my shots and publish them as if they are their own (you know it happens). If you would like to purchase any of these shots, just drop me an e-mail and we'll work something out.  Most of these have been sized down to 4x6 from 11x17 and as mentioned, saved at a low quality.

Billy, Katie, Amy and Andy ready for whales

Canaveral Lighthouse 11

Destroyer at Sunset

GA Whales 1

GA Whales 2

GA Whales 3

GA Whales 4

Home Green 1

Home Green 2

Kennedy coming into port 1

Kennedy in the Haze

Mother and Calf near Mayport

Mother and Calf Swimming Together


Port of Canaveral

Shuttle Launch Facility with Assembly Building

Shuttle Launch Pad in the Haze

Shuttle Launch Pad

Two Whales, One Right, One Upside Down

Two Whales, One Right, One Upside Down 2

USS Frigate Underway